10 Winter Bucket-List Ideas to Check off

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From outdoor fitness adventures to healthy baking ideas to and cozy indoor projects—here are 10 must-dos to add your winter bucket list. This list is full of good-for you activities to brighten up those dark and cold winter days. And who knows—these ideas may spark a new tradition in your life.


Make immunity shots

Winter is flu season. Support your immune system with these foods homemade juice shotsThe juice is packed with immune-boosting components like ginger and citrus. You can get your daily dose of health if you portion the juice into small bottles that you can grab as soon as you leave the house.

Extra immune boost

Stock up on Vitamin C to help protect against colds and flu. immune boostersLike vitamin D, oregano oil, and echinacea.


Do a polar bear plunge

Cold water immersion can boost your immune system, reduce stress and improve circulation. It may even increase your metabolism. Many people take an ocean plunge to test out the benefits of the ocean and start the new year feeling great. Polar bear plunges are often held throughout the winter. I know from experience that a cold ocean plunge will leave you feeling energized and excited to snuggle up by the fireplace with a hot drink in your hand.

Safety first

If you’re ready to take the (cold) plunge, make sure to start slowly and follow Safety measures.


Apple cider

Warm up the cold winter evenings by making Homemade apple cider. To make this seasonal non-alcoholic beverage, you’ll have to cook down apples with water, spices, and your sweetener of choice. Your home will smell amazing when making this comforting drink—no candles or diffusers needed!

Sugar, spice and everything nice

After you’ve made the cider, follow this Spiced Apple CiderThe following are some examples of how to use Recipe for Chai-Spiced Apple CiderBoth of these drinks use mulling spice to make them even more flavorful.


Make your own wreath

Deck out your door with a DIY Natural Wreath for an inexpensive way to add cheer to your home—even after the holiday season. To make one, you’ll need a wreath frame, tree branches (fir, pine, or spruce are traditional types), and decorations like ribbons, red berries, and pinecones. (Pro tip – search the streets or forests for fallen trees after a storm. This project is also eco-friendly because you can reuse the wreath frames every year.


Take a hike

Facing the brisk outdoors when it’s rainy or snowy may not seem enticing, but this time of year can make for a beautiful winter wonderland hike. My family and I snowshoe the same trail every year (a perk to living in Vancouver, BC). It’s a trip that’s worth the views and may slightly be motivated by our tradition of enjoying a post-snowshoe dessert.

Lit trails

For a magical forest walk, look for trails that are lit with twinkling lights in your area. These magical night hikes are usually free and self-guided.


Perform an act or kindness

This holiday season, you can feel good by doing a kind act for a friend, a family or a stranger. You could gift your mail carrier a homemade treat, pay for a stranger’s coffee, or shovel snow for your neighbor. Small acts of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life and spread positivity.


Host an evening of games

Organising a game-night with family or friends is a great way to spend a relaxing evening at home. If you’re hosting friends, make it potluck style by having each guest bring a different game. My favorite game is Banana GramsThis involves creating your own crossword. These kinds of brain games aren’t just fun; they’re also good for your mind. Research shows that completing puzzles such as crosswords helps with your memory—I know I Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. smarter after successfully completing a word game!

Sending letters to loved ones

A letter in the post can make any day exciting. Consider sending a message of encouragement to a senior who is isolated or someone in need. I love making DIY Cards. It’s a great activity to do with your kids. Pinterest is my favorite place to find card-crafting ideas, including Choose the right option for any occasion.


Create a photo album of your year in review

A photo album containing moments from the last year is a great way to cherish memories, milestones and adventures. Online, you can easily order year-in-review photos books. You can also print out the photos you want and place them in your own photo album. These albums are also great as gifts or coffee table books.

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