11 Meaningful Ways to Express Gratitude 

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We all understand that gratitude and the practice of gratitude are essential to a happy and contented life. To truly practice gratitude, it is important to show others our gratitude for their actions and how they behave. So today we’ve taken a deep dive into How to show gratitude to someone

We’ll be reviewing different ways we can express gratitude along with some examples for each strategy.

  • Ways to say you’re thankful – in words
  • How to show your gratitude – with kind gestures

Let’s jump in.

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How to express gratitude in words

how to express gratitude to someone in words and kind gestures

Using words to show gratitude can help strengthen relationships and increase feelings of appreciation. 

Simple “Thank you”Specificity can elevate the sentiment. Mentioning a good deed, or a kind gesture, shows that you have noticed and appreciated the effort. 

Saying, “I deeply appreciate your help with the job interview; it made a big difference,”Leaves a lasting impression. 

For the recipients, hearing these expressions validates and encourages more generosity. The act of expressing gratitude enriches one’s own emotional well-being and reinforces a cycle of positive interactions and mutual respect, both in personal and professional relationships.

Here are a number of different ways you can express gratitude in words…

1. Write a thank you note or letter

a handwritten thank you letter

A simple handwritten note can mean a lot to the recipient.

In today’s age of digital communication, a handwritten note can show deeper appreciation. Imagine the last time you got a letter through the mail. Can you remember?!

Think about the person who you would like to thank. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and feel the same way.

Focus on the following when writing a card or letter to express your gratitude:

  • Specific Experiences
  • Send your sincere thanks
  • What positive change has occurred in your life? 

This personal touch is what makes the difference. It creates a powerful bond that goes beyond the written words.

2. Sending a text or an email

Sending someone a thank you via text or email is an easy and quick way to let them know that you appreciate their work. 

You can be brief or more detailed, but make sure that you express your gratitude.

Some people prefer an email to a text, while others like the immediacy. 

Here are some prompts to help you start your thank-you message:

  • I cannot thank you enough for…
  • I am deeply grateful for your support during this time…
  • It means the world to me that you…
  • Thank you so very much for…
  • Your friendship means so much to me. It means so much when you…
  • You have my deepest thanks…
  • You always encourage me. It really helped when…
  • You made my day. Thank you so much for…

You can also share a beautiful gratitude quoteThank you for your message

3. Call Someone

It can be much more meaningful to call someone and express your gratitude than to send a simple text. It allows you to express your thanks properly and catch up on the person.

This is especially important for your older family members and friends who may have more time to spare than you. 

4. Express your gratitude in the moment

This is a perfect way to express gratitude to someone who is helping you out in your everyday activities – the grocery store worker, the postal worker, a helpful neighbor or a colleague. 

You can express gratitude by giving a small tip or a nice complement. Make sure to be specific about what you’re thankful for and why it made an impact on you.

5. Show your appreciation to someone amongst many people

This is important, especially in a professional setting. You can thank your co-workers by mentioning how awesome they were in a certain project or that they continue to be a great asset to the group.

Expressing your gratitude to someone amongst their peers can be a big boost to the person you’re thanking, and it also looks good on your to show this thanks.

Other ways to show gratitude:

  • At a party – anniversary/wedding/birthday/etc
  • During a work presentation or event
  • Volunteering or participating in a community event
  • Any other special occasion

How to Show Someone You Appreciate Them (with Kind Hand Gestures)

friends giving a gratitude gift

It is true that actions speak louder then words. Showing someone your gratitude with a kind act goes a long ways.

6. Random Acts of Kindness

It is hard to overstate how powerful unexpected gestures are in expressing gratitude.

It’s often the little things, a small kindness at just the right moment, that can have the biggest impact. 

Consider how a seemingly simple act, like paying for someone’s coffee, can make their day. It’s a gesture that tells them they are valued and appreciated, even in the hustle of everyday life. 

Thank you note writingIt can make a difference to the day of a coworker or friend, even if they are a stranger.

Leave a positive review onlineFor a local company, you can do something that is quick and easy for you but will help the business.

These random acts are a powerful way of expressing sincere gratitude and strengthening relationships, while making a positive change in the lives others.

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7. Give a gratitude gift

Giving a gift of gratitude is a thoughtful and kind way to express your gratitude. 

When deciding on the gift, consider the recipient’s likes, dislikes, and personal values. This attention to details ensures that the gift is well received, making the recipient feel valued.

Also, note that a gratitude gift can be someone small like a homemade gift –  it’s not about the money spent but the thought. 

Here are some great gift ideas to consider.

  • Flowers with a Kind Note
  • Bake something – cookies, brownies, banana bread, or whatever you’re good at
  • Cook something – freezer meals are a great gift as they keep on giving… soup, chili, curry for example
  • Small plants
  • Tea and a cute cup
  • Spice and herb mixes made at home
  • A journal or a cute little notebook
  • Chocolate
  • Wine

The holiday season is a great time to send someone a gift of gratitude, especially if they have done something nice for you.

8. Send a Care Pack

Sending care packages is a thoughtful and heartfelt way to express gratitude. 

Customize the package to reflect what your recipient may be most interested in right now.

Give them a break if they are always tired and lacking time. self-care packageYou can use items such as bubble bath, tea, a scented candle and essential oil.

If they are avid readers, you can send them an e-book subscription box for one month. Read It and Eat BoxThis is what you can do Authentic Books ExperienceIncluded in this is:

  • Themed soy candles
  • Themed cocktails or tea
  • Custom book music playlist
  • Self-care and beauty products with a theme
  • Newly published novel (most signed + author’s note)

Include a handwritten thank you note with the gift.

9. Help a friend out

Lending a helping hand can go a long way to expressing gratitude. It’s often the best way to show deep appreciation, whether by assisting with everyday tasks or providing support in more difficult times. 

It can make a difference to offer help. This could be a simple gesture such as spending time with a friend to help them move, or a larger gesture such as being there to support a family member in a difficult situation. 

Remember! It is important to give freely, without thinking about reciprocation. By doing so, not only do you brighten others’ lives but also your own.

10. Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to the community in general.  You can think of it as a way to express gratitude to God or the Universe by giving to those in your community.

You can also volunteer in many different ways. The easiest way to volunteer is to contact a local shelter or food bank to offer your services for a day.

Consider your skills. What skills can you use to help an organisation?

For example, I’ve volunteered my marketing skills and built websites for some non-profits as part of my volunteering.

11. Show your affection

Sometimes all you have to do is express your affection. Hug someone with a big heartfelt embrace. You know, the kind where you hold them tight and wrap your arms around. 

After all, it’s been proven that hugs can have Significant health benefitsReduce stress, increase happiness, and even reduce pain.

When to Express Gratitude

After a Job Interview – thank your interviewer for the opportunity to show your interest. Be sure to mention what you liked about the conversation.

When a family member is going through difficult times – we all need a boost when times are tough, so this is a great time to show someone how much you appreciate them.

You receive a gift from someone else – sharing kind words, a simple phone call, thank you card or text is perfect for this.

You can get help from others – for example, they help you move, run some errands for you, or help you with your résumé.

After a fun-filled time with friends – a sweet and simple text shared with friends you enjoyed time with is a little gesture, but always nice to receive.

On special occasions – like birthdays or anniversaries, expressing gratitude makes these celebrations more meaningful.

Daily encounters – such as receiving help from a stranger or a kind word from a colleague.

How to show your gratitude in the best possible way

This is important to know for those people you’re closest to – for example, a friend, parent, or spouse.

How to express gratitude in a way that someone truly appreciates your gesture Understanding their love language.

You may have heard about The 5 Love LanguagesGary Chapman was originally written for romantic relationships. This concept is also applicable to other close relationships.

Here’s a quick recap of the 5 love languages.

  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service
  • Quality time
  • Gift giving
  • Physical Touch

If you are unsure of what someone’s love language is, bring it up in general conversations and share some details on what each love language means. It’s an interesting conversation whether you’re romantic partners or not, as understanding this helps all relationships.

Here is the official resourceThere is a wealth of information available on the different love languages.

What other ways can you show gratitude?

I have a number of different articles and resources which I’ll share below, but as a brief overview here are some of my favorite ways to be grateful on a daily basis:

Last Thoughts About Expressing Thankfulness To Others

Making a conscious effort to express thanks with sincere gratitude can make a positive influence on others’ lives. People go out of their ways to be kind and show their presence in others’ lives, and a little thank you can go a very long way.

Think about how you can show your gratitude to someone who has done you a kindness.

How Do You Typically Show Gratitude to Others?

Share in the comments section🙂

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