Apple’s New Vision Pro: The Best of YouTube

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I watch far too many YouTube videos – so you don’t have to.

I’ve read a lot about the Vision Pro from Apple but these crazy guys give a really good and objective view of the Vision Pro. It’s far better than the fanboy raves or the corporate blah-blah. If you are interested in finding our what Apple’s Vision Pro is but like me, aren’t going to spend thousands of dollars to find out – check this out.

Here’s what they the talk about in the video. It’s rough notes but it’s what I remember. It’s a mixture of points and quotes from the video. You should definitely check it out. This is only a guide.

  • The battery of the Vision Pro is larger and heavier than expected. An M2 Chip and an R1 chip are putting out 78 watts.
  • The quality is amazing, it’s like looking at a 32-inch 4K display.
  • “I got my phone out and it is all blurry just like with most cameras. You have a minimal focusing distance, so over here. It’s sharp but it’s still fuzzy to read the text.”  (This came as a surprise to me)
  • The speed of controlling stuff with my eyes on the Vision Pro is way faster than a mouse, it’s insane! (This is really cool – how you can select things with your eyes. I started thinking of other uses for this. Also, pay attention to how you select things using gestures. We are about to see the next interface without computers, perhaps not today but very soon.
  • The app was installed and downloaded almost instantly. It is so easy to spend your money on this. (They talk about how easy it was to buy apps with the Vision Pro. There aren’t a lot of them yet – I covered that disappointment in my daily podcast. Apple will make billions of dollars from you if they have them. They already make close to 100 billion dollars from their app stores.
  • It is impressive to connect the Vision Pro to Mac and screen-mirror to another laptop to record screen. The quality looks better than expected, and it’s actually 4K.
  • The processing is done four times faster on Mac. It’s really fast and the quality looks great. (They emphasize the importance of speed, which seems to be working.) I wonder how it would work in my satellite internet world.
  • The Vision Pro was comfortable for 3 hours. There was minimal pressure and weight on the head. (I can’t imagine keeping that thing on for three hours. But apparently, Apple has pulled it off and it’s comfortable enough for long sessions.)

That’s my “best of YouTube” for the Apple Vision Pro.  Let me know whether these videos are useful or not. I’ll try to give you only the videos that I find appear to be honest, factual and informative.




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