Global tablet market to decline 11% in Q4 2023: Canalys

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According to the latest The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. CanalysAccording to the report released today, global tablet shipment fell by 11 per cent on an annual basis in Q4 of 2023, totaling 37.8 millions units. The findings resulted a 2023 total of 135.3 tablets shipped, which is a 10% drop from 2022.

“The latest holiday season saw a significant surge in tablet promotions and bundled offers, but this was not enough to reverse the market’s fortunes, “said Himani Mukka, research manager at Canalys.

Mukka has been added. “with healthier inventory levels and further scope for government and commercial deployments, tablet sell-in is expected to rebound in 2024. New models announced by TCL and Lenovo at CES 2024 and anticipated updates to Apple’s iPad portfolio early this year will help provide a boost to the tablet refresh opportunity.”

Kieran Jessop, an analyst with the firm, said that a key element that tablet vendors need to pay attention to is the “innovation gap between tablets and other personal computing devices.

“Plans around on-device AI integration in tablets trail behind those in PCs and smartphones. Bringing this functionality across devices will be crucial for vendors aiming to deliver a unified and seamless experience on ecosystems. Elsewhere, this year will see a greater focus on foldable tablet form factors. Although shipment volumes will likely remain restricted due to the premium pricing of these models, they will provide an opportunity for vendors to showcase user-experience benefits for content consumption, learning and productivity.”

Apple maintained the top spot for shipments despite an annual decline of 24%, shipping 14,8 million iPads. Samsung was second with 6,8 million units, posting a 11% decrease.

Canalys stated that Huawei was third, with 2.8M units shipped after healthy growth. “dropped to fourth place but posted healthy shipment growth of 15 per cent, gaining over two points of market share year-on-year. Amazon rounded out the top five, with a 44 per cent annual decline and two million tablets shipped globally.”

PC shipments have improved dramatically. Canalys has predicted that the full-year 2024 shipment will be 267 millions units, an increase of eight per cent from 2023. “tailwinds including the Windows refresh cycle and emergence of AI-capable and Arm-based devices.”

In a You can also read about the forecastBen Yeh, a Canalys analyst, said in a report released late last year that the global PC market was on a recovery track and is set to return to shipment levels of 2019 by 2024. “The impact of AI on the PC industry will be profound, with leading players across OEMs, processor manufacturers, and operating system providers focused on delivering new AI-capable models in 2024. These initiatives will bolster refresh demand, particularly in the commercial sector,”He said.

He added that the total shipment share of AI capable PCs was approximately 80%. “is expected to be about 19 per cent in 2024. This accounts for all M-series Mac products alongside the nascent offerings expected in the Windows ecosystem. However, as more compelling use-cases emerge and AI functionality becomes an expected feature, Canalys anticipates a fast ramp up in the development and adoption of AI-capable PCs.”

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