Ed Watal is the author and founder at Intellibus. We discussed a hopeful vision of the internet and AI. Hashtag Trending Weekend February 18th, 2024

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Sometimes an interview takes a completely different turn than you expected. I went into the studio ready to interview Ed Watal regarding the influence of AI on elections. We were to discuss the impact of deep fakes on voters and what could be done about it. Our conversation then veered off into another area where […]

OpenAI unveils Sora – a tool which uses AI to create videos from written instructions

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The creator of ChatGPT unveiled on Thursday its next leap in generative artificial intelligence, with a tool which instantly creates short videos as a response to written commands. OpenAI, a San Francisco-based company, has developed a new text-to video generator called Sora. It’s not the first. Google, Meta and Runway are some of the other [

Guest column: The ‘Back to Basics’ kindergarten plan will not improve things

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Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Letters Columnists This so-called solution doesn’t address the real reasons why learners fail in grade one. Too many students, diverse needs, not enough space, staff with inadequate support, and a full-day, demanding curriculum are all factors. Published Feb 15, 2020  •  Last updated 1 hour ago  •  2 Minute Read

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